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Entertainment needs

Showtime Sound & Lights has all the needed equipment for your Entertainment Event needs. Sound Installation rentals, Lighting Installation rentals, and Generators for your power so you can host your event anywhere. Indoors, Outdoors or even on a Carnival Trailer.

Are you in need of Sound, Lighting or Generator rentals?

Sound Installation Rentals

Sound Rentals

We can provide all of your Sound equipment rentals, from pre-amps and amps to the speakers, mixing boards and professionals to connect and test everything for you.

Whether on a Carnival Trailer, modeling event or basketball competition in Great Bay Sports Auditorium, a Concert at the Carnival Village or Raoul Illidge Sports Complex, We have what you need.

Lighting Rentals

Showtime Sound & Lights has everything you may need to make your evening/nighttime event spectacular. From Spotlights and lights of every color to powerful laser lights so everyone can find you where ever they are on St. Maarten.

Awe and amaze your viewers with the awesome assortment of lighting installations that Showtime Sound & Lights have to offer.

Lighting Installation Rentals

Generator Rentals

We all know that power on St. Maarten is “unreliable”. And who wants to go to an event and have it cut short because power cut off? Save yourself from the off-chance that your event gets cut short because of a power outage and include a power generator for your event.

With generators of many sizes, we can meet your power needs with ease. Why leave your event’s fate in the hands of GEBE?